Habits That Can Lead To Back Pain


Back pain can be one of the most irritating sensations you can feel. It can also be debilitating when the pain becomes severe. Despite the availability of orthopedic physical therapy, taking steps to avoid this back pain can help you address it.

Here at Zona Physical Therapy, we take every step to help you move the right way here in our physical therapy clinic in Buford GA, Georgia. We understand that some habits can lead to back pain or intensify pain. Let’s dive deeper into everyday habits you may be performing that hurt your back.

  • Poor Posture
    You may be practicing poor posture without you knowing. Prolonged poor posture can strain your back muscles, which can lead to back pain. Correcting poor posture may sometimes require conscious effort. You can opt for our physical therapy in Georgia to help with your posture.
  • Sitting for Long Periods
    While sitting is not inherently bad for your back, it does become a threat when you sit for too long. Prolonged sitting can put extra pressure on your spine. Paired with poor sitting posture, this can lead to low back and neck pain.
  • Lifting Heavy Objects the Wrong Way
    If you lift objects regularly, you must learn how to lift them properly. Wrong posture during lifting can injure your back. You can practice pain management techniques to help you relieve pain caused by lifting.
  • Poor Mattress Quality
    Sleeping is one of the best functions to preserve our health. However, sleeping on a sagging mattress can be dangerous for your back. A sagging mattress makes it difficult to maintain proper sleeping posture, which can lead to various body pains.

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