How Physical Therapy Can Prevent Senior Falls?


It is ironic and unfortunate that falling is one of the most common causes of injury among seniors when it is very much preventable through orthopedic physical therapy. At Zona Physical Therapy, we can help seniors improve their balance, mobility, and strength to enjoy greater independence and experience fewer chances of falling.

Injury and fall prevention therapy begins with thoroughly assessing the client’s physical health. It will help the therapist develop a plan tailored to the client’s needs. We believe in pursuing an individualized approach to providing physical therapy in Georgia no matter how simple a client’s needs may seem.

As a trusted physical therapy clinic in Buford GA, Georgia we have helped numerous seniors undergo balance, gait, strength, and other training programs that can help them best. Our exercise regimens are safe and effective for seniors, especially with our therapists on hand to guide them through every movement and routine.

We also offer learning sessions as part of our strength conditioning wellness services. Clients need to continue staying fit even after the guided therapy sessions. Thus, we teach them and their close family members how to continue their exercise program at home.

We also give helpful tips on how to avoid falls and other accidents seniors commonly experience. Call us today at 678-765-0909 to set an appointment and learn more about the many physical therapy services we provide seniors and clients of all ages.

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