Therapy for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a chronic and slowly progressive disease of the nervous system, which causes movements to become smaller and slower than typical. PD may cause a variety of symptoms, including movement and walking disturbances affecting balance, coordination, and posture. These can cause impaired safety with common tasks as well as low confidence and reduced participation in daily activities.

LSVT BIG is an evidence-based, intensive, and exercise-based therapy program used to help people with PD, improve their walking, balance, movement of the torso as well as reduce the risk of falling. People of all ages and stages can be helped with this treatment. LSVT BIG is effective for other neurological conditions as well.

At Zona Physical Therapy, a certified LSVT BIG clinician will perform a thorough evaluation and create a treatment plan that works just for you!

senior man with physical therapist