Common Consequences of Falls in the Elderly


Falls are typical among the elderly, and the risk of fractures is higher in people with osteoporosis. It can result or lead to various health complications ranging from fractures to long-term health conditions or hospitalization and loss of independence and confidence. Because of the numerous consequences of falls, important health issues should not be overlooked. Getting physical therapy in Georgia is a must.

Some of the consequences of falls if ways for injury and fall prevention are not observed include pain or discomfort and fractures at the hip and forearm, medical conditions or health problems due to prolonged immobility, and unsteady walking pattern or inability to move around independently. It may also result in financial costs of hospitalization, loss of independence and changes to the daily routine, as well as loss of social contacts due to long-term hospitalization.

These can impact psychologically and may cause fear of falling again and loss of self-esteem, distress resulting from uncertainty and anxiety in life, and embarrassment from injury and/or usage of walking aids.

These consequences may worsen over time if a patient’s condition is neglected. So make sure to seek help from an expert in orthopedic physical therapy so they can help you with your mobility and treat any pain or discomfort you feel in your body.

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