Working from home: Best Postural exercises!

Hi there, we are back again with some interesting facts, information, and some exercise and today it’s going to be on a topic you all were waiting for. Remember, when going to offices was a thing and every day, we were excited to meet our colleagues and do some work with some fun. We know that this pandemic has made us work from home but stay strong amigos because today we are going to talk about the best posture and exercise to do work from home efficiently and avoid negative impacts at the same time. Let’s start with a few tips to keep in mind while working

Adjustments for good posture:
• Avoid using your computer while sitting or lying on your couch or in bed.
• If feasible, sit at a desk or table.
• Place your head about an arm’s length away from the monitor.
• To avoid reaching for the keyboard and mouse, keep them close together.
• Avoid sitting for more than an hour at a time and take a 10-minute break for every hour of sitting.
• For extended phone calls, use a hands-free device to avoid straining your neck.

posture exercise

Good siting and standing posture:
• Make sure you’re sitting in a comfy chair that allows you to maintain proper posture (photo)
• The shoulders and hips should be properly aligned.
• Sufficient lumbar support (chair with support, small pillow or towel roll)
• Arms that aren’t too high or too low
• Feet flat on the ground or a footstool
• Try not to tilt to one side when sitting.
• Knees should be the same height as or slightly lower than hips.
• Parallel forearms and thighs to the floor

You can follow these tips and instantly see the results but if are going for extra hours of work, you need to do some exercises to keep yourself efficient



posture exercise

Chin Tucks: – strengthen the front neck muscles

  • Adjust your head back until your ears are in line with your shoulders.
  • Tuck your chin as shown in picture
  • Hold for ten seconds, then repeat ten times.



Thoracic spine Extension: Release tension on those upper back muscles

  • Lie down on your upper back over a foam roller.
  • Roll up and down upper back for about a minute at a time



posture exercise

Corner Pec Stretch:

  • In a corner wall or doorway, place forearms on the walls and elbows at shoulder height or slightly lower
  • Bring your body closer to the corner by putting one foot in front of the other and bending your front knee.
  • Engage your core
  • Repeat the stretch for 20-30 seconds.



posture exercise

Seated Pelvic Tilts:

  • Place your hands on your legs as in picture
  • By arching your low back and tilting the front of your pelvis forward and down within a comfortable range, you may tilt your pelvis forward.
  • Tuck your tailbone and tip the front of your pelvis backward, keeping it within a comfortable range of motion.



posture exercise

Hip Stretch:

  • Bring one leg up, placing your ankle on the opposite knee/thigh, while sitting with your feet on the floor.
  • Gently press the bent knee towards the floor till you feel a stretch in your bottom.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds before switching sides.



posture exercise

Seated Heel/Toe Raises:

  • Raise your heels off the floor while sitting with your feet on the floor, then lower them.
  • After that, lift your toes off the floor and then lower them.
  • Rep 10-20 times more.



posture exercise

Wall Posture Exercise:

  • Stand up against a wall, your heels, buttocks, upper back/shoulders, and the back of your head contacting the wall.
  • Keep your chin tucked and your shoulders back.
  • Keep your spine in a neutral position.
  • Hold position for 1 minute at a time and build up to 5 minutes.


Posture Drill:

  • Begin by sitting in a chair and maintaining your regular posture.
  • Bring your head forward as far as you can, then back as far as you can. Place your head somewhere amid the two extremes.
  • Move your shoulders forward as far as they will go, then up towards your ears, back as far as they will go, and then rest in the center.
  • Slump your low back, then sit up straight with your chest out and relax in the center.
  • At the finish, your spine should be in a neutral position.


Well, now you know how you can perform your work from home efficiently, but few extra tips are always helpful. Here they are:



Pay attention to your body:

You should never feel strained or uncomfortable when working at a desk, table, sofa, or bed. When something doesn’t feel right, your body will let you know. A small modification may sometimes make a tremendous effect.


Keep your posture in mind:

Most people begin to slump after 15 minutes of sitting or standing in the same position. Check-in with yourself frequently to sense how your body is positioned and make any necessary adjustments.


Frequently get up and move about:

You should never sit in one position for more than an hour, no matter how comfortable you are. It is advised that you get up and move about every 30 to 40 minutes. It also serves as a reminder to correct your posture when you return to work.


Maintain easy access to everything you’ll need to get the job done:

Things like your phone and a pen and paper should be within easy reach.


Instead of looking down with your neck, look down with your eyes:

Most individuals bend their necks forward toward their laptop or phone when working on it. Consider eliminating unnecessary movement, such as continually moving your head up and down.


Invest in a phone headset:

If you don’t have a headset or headphones, utilize the speaker feature on your phone if you’re working in a calm environment where you won’t bother others. If you must hold your phone to your ear, do it with your non-dominant hand so that you may write with your dominant hand. Never place your phone near your ear with your shoulder.


Keep yourself hydrated:

This will also urge you to get up regularly, whether it’s to refill your drink or use the restroom.


Stretch throughout your breaks:

Stretching will assist you to relax any muscles that are tense due to inadvertent tensing. It can also aid in the resetting of your posture.

There you have it, the best posture, exercise, and tips for work from home. We hope you all will try it and reap the benefits. Meanwhile, we will research and try to make your lives even better. See you soon.

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