Physical Therapy Works for Injured Runners


Are you a runner who recently got injured during practice or while running a race or marathon? At Zona Physical Therapy, our professional licensed therapists are experts at runners rehabilitation. We can help you recover from your injury to the fullest extent possible so you can return to running again as soon as possible.

Our sports rehabilitation treatment strategy begins with a thorough assessment of your injury and what caused it. We also take into consideration your overall physical health and capabilities. This will allow us to develop and implement the best treatment plan to address your personal needs. Indeed, there is no cookie-cutter approach to physical therapy.

Letting us provide you with the best physical therapy in Georgia will allow you to recover your range of motion and physical strength. You will regain your optimal runner’s gait and build up your endurance, so you can run faster and for longer periods than ever before.

Moreover, we can develop a home training program that you can use even after your initial orthopedic physical therapy sessions with us. This will allow you to retain and improve on your progress, to enjoy long-term gains. At the end of the program, your physical therapist will give you the green light to return to competing in the sport you love.

Looking for the best physical therapy clinic in Buford GA, Georgia to help you recover well from your injury? Call us today at 678-765-0909 to schedule your initial assessment with us. Learn why we are one of the most trusted clinics around.

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